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Here at Alcohol Intervention Service, located in Philadelphia, Pa we offer a variety of services ranging from alcohol intervention to sober escorts, recovery aid, and sober living. We know that your family is going through a very difficult time and we want to make the process of getting your loved one the help they need as easy as possible. We provide immediate service for alcohol abuse in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware areas.  Also, we can help with our Alcohol Intervention Services nationwide!

We will verify your insurance coverage or if your insurance company does not cover we have set up monthly credit card billing.  As our staff has gone through similar experiences, they understand exactly what you are feeling and how to best handle the situation. Sober Companion Services provides safe and reliable sober escorts services to and from rehab.

Since finding my own recovery, I have been helping alcoholics with professional interventions for six years now, full time with the addiction treatment group and Intervention365.  This is my sole purpose and passion. I am a renowned interventionist to the point where I was contacted by A&E’s hit television show Intervention and was  featured saving a life in prime-time September of 2019.

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We provide 24/7 professional Intervention service for drug and alcohol abuse.

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There are no words I could ever find to express how grateful we are for the gift God gave our family thru you

Zach P.

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The first step towards recovery from alcohol and drug abuse is a family meeting to discuss an intervention.  We handle the whole process from intervention to recovery.