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A little about us because I think it is important for people to know that we do this job because we care about helping others. I am a Professional interventionist for drug and alcohol abuse and i can help you on how to help your loved one with a family Intervention. Early intervention for drugs and alcohol is key to helping the addict but family interventions for drug and alcohol abuse will help with the addict entering treatment.

jim reidy
James Reidy
Certified Interventionist

Individual Approach And Experience

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Since finding his own recovery, Jim has been executing professional interventions for six years now, full time with the addiction treatment group.  This is his sole purpose and passion. He is a renowned interventionist to the point where he was contacted by A&E’s hit television show Intervention and was featured saving a life in prime-time September of 2019.

He has over three hundred successful interventions to date and has experience with every dynamic, in every state, suffering from every type of addiction. Jim truly specializes in connecting with the lost, bridging the gaps in family systems, and coaching families into long term recovery.  Life Skills, Sober Living, Sober Escorts and Recovery Aid are some areas that Alcohol Intervention Service can help you or loved one on the journey to recovery.

First drink age 12. Last drink age 39. A whole lot of pain in between. The hardest part about stopping alcohol abuse is not putting down the drink its not picking up a drink.  I can help you with my experiences with alcohol abuse find a new way of life.