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Anyone who has ever attempted to intervene and change the course of someone suffering from drug or alcohol abuse knows it is not for the faint of heart. People who are active in their addiction don’t have much empathy for the havoc they wreak or the pain they inflict on the people who love them. Those struggling with substance use disorders can leave a wide swath of destruction in their wake, but, try as their loved ones might to save them, most are not equipped to battle the monster of addiction.

Alcohol Intervention Service provides a full spectrum of specialized services for individuals addicted to drugs and alcohol that are designed to get addicts into treatment, and to secure their sobriety upon discharge from rehab to Sober Living.

No matter how sincere your efforts, trying to convince someone that they need help for a drug, alcohol or other addiction and need drug, alcohol or other addiction treatment “rehab” is best left to the professionals. Because the experts at Alcohol Intervention Service are in recovery themselves, they know firsthand how the addicted mind is wired. They understand how to speak with the addict effectively and persuasively because of their own personal experiences.

Most drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities are very controlled environments. Being completely segregated from one’s home environment, the recovering addict spends their days in the program shuttling from one group to another, eating at specific times the food that has been prepared for them, and spending free time shooting pool, playing ping pong, watching sports on TV, and socializing with fellow clients. This is not a natural environment. To leave this safe haven and re-enter the life you left behind can introduce a multitude of triggers, leading to relapse.

From the moment a recovering addict leaves the treatment facility he begins the fight of, and for, his or her life. It is not uncommon for someone to leave the treatment program and head straight to the liquor store or to meet up with drug using friends. Relapse threatens to undo all the hard work of detox, group and individual therapy, family therapy, and working the 12 steps when the individual is left to their own devices.

This is where Alcohol Intervention Service comes in yet again.   Our all-encompassing services to assist in relapse prevention are available 24/7 worldwide and we will safely transport anyone to and from a addiction, alcohol or drug treatment center, removing the freedom to choose to use.

Alcohol Intervention Service has but one mission: To help a client remain clean and sober.